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Bidemi Mark-Mordi's Podcast

It is my firm belief that every single person on earth has a Super Power.  It is also my contention that this Super Power is how we each become the best version of ourselves.  I further insist that regardless of how different our super powers maybe, we are all called to one BIG purpose apportioned to us in bits and held together with the thread of good and fulfilment.

I know by experience that in every man's DNA is a yearning and a cry to discover and embrace this Super Power.  This is why my Lifework is to help you discover your own Super Power, so you can fly and together we can deliver on the BIG Purpose we all have been called to.

Join me on the journey to a powerful life, discover your purpose and embrace your Super Power today!

Jun 23, 2018

If like me you have been working under the assumption that if you just do great work it will catch on, it is time for a rethink. 

This week I have guest John Obidi with me to take a look at why people settle in the shadows as well as how to find the right motivation to keep it real and shout out loud what you have...

Jun 18, 2018

Have you ever stopped short because you took a look around and determined that whatever you have been called to do is done already?  Did you ever consider the fact that as lofty and grand as every other person's dream is, your stroke is different?  Well, this should help you gain perspective.

May 21, 2018

This week I have as a guest on the Show, my Coach, friend and Sista Anna McCoy and we examine the issue of feedback and how they might have the power to impair vision.

We conclude that after all is said and done, we all owe it to ourselves to push for that which we believe.


Apr 14, 2018

Every environment, society, family, kingdom, even work place has a set protocol.  Sometimes when we are lucky, they are spelt out in a rule book somewhere, but most of the time, we are left to figure out what obtains and what isn't allowed even though most of it is unspoken. 

On today's show, we seek to understand...

Mar 31, 2018

The dictionary defines REST as a state of inactivity.  While this might be true when you consider rest from its literal meaning, REST is much more than that.  REST is the first principle that God modelled to man right after creation.

For us, REST is the capacity to take on whatever God has assigned to you trusting in...